Morgan State University has joined Universities Studying Slavery.

October 2018 bring more welcome news from the world of universities studying slavery and racism in their institution’s history. Some schools are working to acknowledge and atone for that past, others, as institutions that arose to support African American higher education in an era of national segregation and racism. The Universities Studying Slavery movement has benefited greatly from the participation of a number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The latest school to join is Morgan State University.

Morgan State University is the state of Maryland’s preeminent public urban research university. It recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. Among its founders were former slaves and free blacks in the city of Baltimore. The largest of the state’s Historically-Black Colleges and Universities, Morgan offers a comprehensive range of academic programs through the doctorate. It has provided opportunities for tens of thousands of students over the last century and a half and today is one of the most diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multinational institutes of higher education in the state.

As a key part of its mission, the university gives particular priority to addressing societal problems, especially those found in urban communities. Across disciplines, Morgan has a critical mass of scholars studying the complex legacies and the lingering effects of slavery and legal segregation. Morgan scholars have undertaken innovative research projects – be it in the arts and humanities, the social sciences, business, or engineering – that search for new ways to better understand and address age-old problems like racial inequality and social injustice. Morgan students are encouraged to become leaders, to embrace public service and civic engagement, and to develop a sense of moral responsibility.

We are excited to have Morgan State’s leadership in developing Universities Studying Slavery programs that address acknowledgement, atonement, and repair. The Morgan State Team is led by History and Geography Department Chair Dr. Annette Palmer, Benjamin A. Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute Director Dr. Ricardo Howell, and Assistant Professor of History Dr. Herbert Brewer.

Please welcome Morgan State University to the team!